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A Few Housekeeping Items

Cleanliness may be next to Godliness but it’s a real challenge when you’re camping. Rose and Kate attract leaf debris like magnets. Going outside the tent means coming back with dust on your shoes, legs, shorts and arms. Water to clean is critical as are those little miracle disposal wash clothes.

By the time we get to the next camp … in this case Upper Oso, we’re way too tired to set up and then find a laundromat. So guess what?

We are doing the laundry in a 3 gallon bucket. Why 3 gallons? Because a one gallon is too small and a 5 gallon is way too honking big. You ever try to carry a 5 gallon bucket? Didn’t think so.

Did you know it takes 1 ½ gallons to wash your hair? Six gallons to wash 4 pairs of socks and 4 pairs of underwear. I get why it’s called a pair of socks, there are 2 of them. But why a pair of underwear?

Washing dishes takes 2 gallons.

If the campsites didn’t have running water we’d be hosed. Well. No. Actually we wouldn’t be hosed because hoses require water. We’d be dirty.


Note to self: Sun-dried laundry smells heavenly.

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