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Wicked Six Serves a Wicked Burger

Wicked Six serves a wicked burger. French fries –not so much. The Black and Blue 1/2 pound burger was nestled in a brioche bun, not your plain ole hamburger bun, mind you. Topped with a zesty blue cheese where you could actually see the mold in the cheese. Yes, the blue mold, that’s what gives Continue Reading

Portillo’s Misses the Mark

Portillo’s misses the mark. They say “we serve our burgers straight from the broiler to you.” Well then why was our bacon cheeseburger only lukewarm? Because it was probably waiting around for a while. We went during the busy lunch hour and I have to say the line moved very quickly. It took less than Continue Reading

Hao Asian Fusion Great Idea Not so great execution.

Hao Asian Fusion Restaurant has a great idea in offering dishes from several different Asian cuisines. The execution of that idea? Not so great. I’ve always wanted to try Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai cuisines but was afraid if I went to say, a Vietnamese restaurant and didn’t like it, I’d have wasted money and still Continue Reading